Temperature Monitoring with Cloud-based Storage and Real-time Reporting

Temperature Recording and Montoring Tools

Temperature Monitoring - Node probe with infraredWe provide our clients with the best and most accurate digital recording tools. Our clients are equipped with smart devices and easy-to-use thermocouple and infrared temperature recording tools. The temperature recording device uses Bluetooth technology to pair with the smart device and records the temperature in real-time, providing you with the most accurate digital result. Out of compliant inspections will then force the inspector to take a follow-up/corrective action to either remove the item or bring it to a safe level to stay in compliance.

Why Digital?

  • Provide accurate analytics
  • Easily integrate into your HACCP plan
  • Alerts notify management of follow-up/corrective actions via in-app and email
  • Compare and contrast operational initiatives of other facilities

Protecting Your Brand

Foodborne illness is no joke and can nearly cripple an organization. Gleason’s food safety platform helps monitor operations that require cooling, freezing and heating of all foods and drinks to prevent a food outbreak. You can easily track all out of compliance inspections and verify that they are being monitored by your managerial staff.

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