Real-Time Reporting Notifies Management of Out-of-Compliance Issues

Managerial review ensures employees are taking correct steps for a safer food service experience.

Once a person has a bad experience at your facility they are highly unlikely to return. It is important that your employees receive the proper oversight to ensure they handle critical issues the best way possible.

Custom Inspections:

We are able to convert your hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, and/or interval inspections and help you track whether or not those critical inspections were completed on time and whether or not all critical areas were covered during the inspection.


Inspection ReportWe help you monitor the following reports to provide you with a successful safety program (all reports can be pulled by date, facility, and inspection type to be exported by CSV or PDF):

  • Extended Summary – Highlights the inspections by times they are expected to be complete
    • Hourly
    • Daily
    • Other (completed a designated amount of times per week, month, or year)
    • Interval (i.e. every 10 days)
  • Exceptions by Location – focuses on out of compliant areas/items
  • Exceptions by Inspector – compares and contrasts your inspectors to monitor operations
  • Inspection Log – overview of that facilities inspections for a determined time period
  • Inspection Start Time by Day – highlights the employee who conducted the inspection, the duration of the tour, status of the walk (On-Schedule/Off-Schedule) and total number of locations completed
  • Percentage by Inspection – Illustrates the scheduled inspections, the number of Valid Inspections, and percentage of Valid Inspections Completed (Total Valid Inspections / Total Inspections Required for the day), allowing quick identification of performance issues down to the specific Inspection, which form overall location performance.

Receive Real-Time In-app and/or Email Reporting

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Manager Sign Off/Exception Verification

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Exception verifications through web portal
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