Operational Monitoring

Because your operations should be this lean!

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  • Promote a Safe and Healthy Environment

    CCPi enables you to verify that operational efficiencies have been executed, which promotes a culture of safety and cleanliness.

  • Real-Time Reporting

    Get notified in real-time when an item or area is flagged as out of compliant. Then, review and sign-off to make sure the corrective/follow-up action follows your standard operating procedures.

  • Manage Multiple Locations Remotely

    Compare and manage multiple locations, identifying the efficiency of your operations. Many of our clients use incentive programs to reward compliance.

How it Works.

  • Location-driven technology enables inspectors to scan location markers, with a smart device (phone/tablet), strategically placed throughout the facility, answering questions pertinent to that area and inspection.
  • Custom routine inspections enables hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, and interval inspections (i.e. every 10 days)
  • User-friendly mobile app interface makes it easy for your staff to navigate their inspections
  • Multi-level management reporting

iphone with operational montiroing