New Metrics for Measuring Employee Behavior – Big Data on the Floor

As we trek up North to the land of maple leafs for the 5th Annual Food Regulatory & Quality Assurance Summit, hosted by Strategy Institute (; Rooney Gleason, president/CEO of Gleason Technology, delivers his talk on “Big Data” in a crowd of more than 150 that include the likes of the CFIA (Canada Food Inspection Agency) and FDA (Food & Drug Administration) as well as senior leadership for a number of other Canadian and United States-based distribution and manufacturing companies.

Highlighting “New Metrics for Measuring Employee Behavior – Big Data on the Floor,” Rooney hits on key points, such as the ever-increasing compliance cycle, big data and organization compliance, and technology-driven compliance.

“Our goal is to make for a better inspection experience; being able to utilize the technology available to improve not only what to inspect, but how it’s inspected,” says Mr. Gleason. “Having the ability to track human behavior in real-time greatly increases the accessibility of the data that is the byproduct. And, in turn, analyzing what works and what doesn’t for not only quality assurance professionals, but governing bodies as well.”

Serving 16 countries, you can learn more about Gleason Technology and GleasonCCPi, a single platform for ALL things inspected.

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